In Session

September 25, 2013
Debbie Kirkland
Claranai Records

Kirkland’s debut release features tunes by Todd Rundgren, John Pizzarelli, and Michel Camilo, as well as numbers by producer, arranger, and trumpeter Melvyn K. Prince II. “BaDemBe’” is a vocalese number with appealing percussion by Mamadi Nyasumal, who is also featured on the closer, “Pain Management,” composed by pianist William Knowles.

About In Session:

“Kirkland has recorded a first-class album that highlights her shimmering contralto over impeccable arrangements, while lyrics allow a softer evocation and interpretation of love, through jazz.”
Gary Jackson – Hits Magazine

“In a world where independent artists have to fight to be heard Debbie Kirkland is worthy of attention and airplay.”
Quincy McCoy Gavin

“It’s always a godsend when a record by someone you don’t know from here hits your desk then hits your heart. Debbie Kirkland has got the kind of “it” that reminds me of Al Jarreau when he first came out.”
Scott Galloway – Urban Network

“She has the clarity of Whitney, the grace of Gladys, the soul of Aretha, and the style of Sara. She is a ball of fire on stage and the most elegant lady off stage. She is wonderful.”
Rita Rochelle – Voice Of America

“Kirkland is clearly not a woman to be put off by the bumps along the road of life.”
Eric Brace – Washington Post

“Talented and tenacious. You will be hearing of her in the near future.”
Dwayne Williams – City Nights